Return to Windcliff

Windcliff holds a feast in honor of the party for returning the children safely.

At the dinner Seraphine happily comes to Donarr and tells him that her father has consented to allow her to join the Rangers, and that Yoseph will take her place working at her family’s bakery.

During the feast it is apparent how highly Windcliff values their children and community.

Ogor gives a grand speech thanking the party.
_It is no great surprise that Donarr and Kinkaid have performed such an admirable service to our community, as rescuing our two rogue children. Afterall, they are of the rangers, and they are made of some of our finest citizens.

But it was not the rangers alone who performed this great deed. Our thanks also goes out to the Starlit Circle and the wise maiden Esbyth Tymrieal who sent us Athame in our time of need. Our thanks even extends to Vinsfeld, a lost child himself, who has just returned home to Windcliff. We are all in your debt.

Let us call upon the two Queens to bless our four Heroes. May the bitch’s wrath be forever calmed and the forest’s grace ever bountiful. A drink for the two Queens and a drink for our Heroes!_

At the feast, our heroes determine to return to the site of the bandit camp in order to recover a stolen caravan they discovered there. they then determine to return the caravan to High Craigg and report of the troubling appearance of orcs within the Mistvale Wood to the Baron of Ghent.



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