Return to Windcliff

A Trip to High Craigg

Before our heroes set out from Windcliff, Gregor provides our heroes with a letter of introduction which will gain them audience with Janus Mistborn, the head of the church of Umberlee within High Craigg. Janus can then introduce them to Loric Grange, the Master of the Watch.

Returning to the caravan, our heroes discover the bodies of the slain bandits. Of the three orcs, only one remains. Its body has been hung on the side of the caravan. It has been partially flayed. It has obviously been tortured. The smell of the decaying body is strong and heavy in the air. A horde of crows must strenuously be encouraged to leave. Upon examination, the skill with which the orc has been flayed is incredible, almost surgical in its precision.

The caravan itself has been looted entirely.

After a brief, but contentious argument our heroes elect to leave the orc’s body behind and travel to High Craigg with only the looted caravan.

Arriving at High Craigg our heroes head to the Shrine of Umberlee which is located in the lower levels of the city. Cut off from the surface the lower levels are little more than a slum run by competing thieves guilds including a particularly ruthless guild known as The Knives.

While Kinkaid secures lodging in the shrine, Vinsfeld engages in conversation with a Knife, ultimately offending the man. Upon hearing of this offense, Janus refuses lodging for Vinsfeld. Ill at ease with the erratic priest, only Kinkaid elects to remain with Janus while the rest travel to military quarter in search of lodging at the Stone Unicorn, an inn known for housing the Barony’s various troops from outlying provinces.

Speaking with patrons at the inn reveal that orcs have been increasingly encroaching within the Barony, but that rather than invading they seem to be fleeing some threat.

Contact is made with Loric Grange, who proves to be more bureaucrat than warrior. He proves unimpressed by the return of the caravan without its cargo, and finds the report of the orcs unhelpful without the body to examine. Frustrated, the party retires to the inn.

The Stone Unicorn is surprisingly quiet despite its clientele, and our heroes are confronted by an assassin representing The Knives. The assassin makes it clear that, even here, our heroes will find no aid. Battle is joined and the assassin is driven off, but not before exacting a measure of vengeance in the removal of Vinsfeld’s pinky finger.

Discouraged and longing for home, our Heroes depart the next morning for their return to Windcliff.



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