Return to Windcliff

The Lost Lovers

Two Windcliff teenagers, Seraphine (14) and Yoseph (16), have gone missing. Gregor, asks the party to retrieve the wayward teens before they get lost in the woods, or worse.

Gregor places his acolyte cleric Kinkaid in charge as his representative. Donarr is also sent as the representative the Windcliff Rangers, the town’s militia.

Joining them are the half-elf Vinsfeld who is a new arrival to Windcliff in search of his heritage, and young druid from the Starlit Circle, Athame, who has decided to help Vinsfeld despite her superior, the Arch Druid Esbyth Tymrieal’s disapproval.

Athame travels with Vinsfeld to prove to Esbyth that he is worthy of Esbyth’s aid in the discovery of his ancestry. Should Vinsfeld prove unworthy, Athame has failed her first test as a druid, that of being able to recognize those worthy of the Circle’s aid.

During the investigation Vinsfeld runs afoul of Seraphine’s father, Ogor. Deeply offending the man and creating distrust between the townsfolk and our heroes.

After investigation, our heroes discover that that young lovers likely escaped to The Old Men, a crumbling ruin of ancient statues within the Mistvale Wood. Upon arriving at The Old Men, they discover Seraphine bleeding out. Seraphine arrived late to her and Yoseph’s meeting only to find him being kidnapped by bandits. She attacked the kidnappers, but unable to overcome them was left for dead.

Our heroes successfully track the bandits to their camp, only to find the bandits under siege by three crazed orcs. The orcs appear to be out of their minds and fleeing from some danger, fighting only when confronted. Choosing the better part of valor, our heroes locate Yoseph in the chaos, free him, and flee.

Returning with the children, our heroes are given a grand feast in celebration and Ogor begrudgingly forgives Vinsfeld.



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