A cunning thief and twin to Turvy.


AC 16 | SPD 25 | HP 26
STR 12(+1) | DEX 19(+4) | CON 8(+0) | INT 14(+2) | WIS 9(+0) | CHA 14(+2)
Stealth +8, Sleight of Hand +8, Acrobatics +6, Deception +4, DEX +6, INT +4, Darkvision 60’
Sneak Attack: +2d6 Damage to one creature if Topsy has advantage, or if a friend is within 5’ of the target
Bonus Actions: 1/turn. Dash, Disengage, Hide, Sleight of Hand, Disarm, Open Lock, Use Object
Second-Story Work: Climb at normal movement. Running jump +4’

Short Sword +6/D6+4

Twin deep gnomes, Topsy and her brother Turvy are originally from Blingdenstone in the Underdark. They were captured by the drow while out gathering mushrooms in the tunnels near their home. Like most other svirfneblin, Topsy has a stringy mop of hair while Turvy only has a few tufts of hair atop his otherwise bald head. Topsy is by far the more social of the two. Turvy constantly mumbles and mutters darkly, with Topsy repeating or translating what her brother says.

Since the death of her brother, Topsy has become increasingly brooding and melancholy adopting many of the traits of her lost brother. Whether this is just grief or a permanent slide into a darker mentality is yet to be seen.


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