Barony of Ghent

Barony_of_Ghent.jpg.pnghe Mistvale Wood

The Barony of Ghent has long enjoyed peaceful relations with the wood elves of Mistvale Wood. Working in cooperation with the elves has seen the prosperity and safety of both civilizations increase.

The Razing of Windcliff by the drow saw the relationship with the wood elves severed. Not due to anger with the Barony, but due to the wood elves receding, presumably, to nurse their wounds. In the century that has followed the barons have done their best to maintain the peace within the region alone. However, it is a task the Barony was ill equipped to handle, and the Mistvale Wood and the Barony itself has become a darker place.

Baron: Baron Neills Craigg
Capital: High Craigg Aerie
Population: 14,000 (Primarily Human)
Resources: Timber, Seafood, Berries, Hops, Apples, Cherries

Barony of Ghent

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