Demogorgon, also known as the Prince of Demons, is a powerful demon lord and lesser deity. The self-proclaimed title “Prince of Demons” was won by virtue of power and influence; many demons challenged it but none could defeat Demogorgon and claim it.

The demon towers a full eighteen feet in height, his body at once sinuous like that of a snake and powerful like that of a great ape. Two baleful baboon heads leer from atop his lumbering shoulders, from which writhe two long tentacles. His lower torso is saurian, like some great reptile. He has an immense forked tail.

Each of Demogorgon’s heads have its own name and personality. One is named Aameul while the other is named Hethradiah. The two heads war with each other. Aameul relishes deception, while Hethradiah relishes destruction.

Demogorgon’s cult is relatively small compared to “true” deities, but much larger than those of most fiends. His cult prospers in times of chaos and causes great destruction wherever it is found. Temples to Demogorgon are split in half, with one side representing Aameul and the other representing Hethradiah.

Demogorgon has recently escaped the Abyss and now strides through the Underdark spreading madness and despair.


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