Mistvale Wood


Part of The Northwood along the Sword Coast, Mistvale Wood dominates most of the Barony of Ghent. This primeval forest is lush with plant life. Towering deciduous and coniferous trees block out the sky, while verdant ferns, grasses, and moss cover the forest floor.

The Mistvale has long been under the protection of the hidden wood elf city known only as The Woodland Home. This protection, combined with the sage rule of the line of Barons of Ghent, have made the Mistvale one of the safest regions along the sword coast for millennia.

This safety was shattered with the Razing of Windcliff a century ago. Since then the elves have receded to the mysterious home, and the Mistvale has slowly become a more dangerous place.


The Camp
The Old Men
Starlit Grove
The Woodland Home

Mistvale Wood

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