Shrine of Umberlee

The Shrine of Umberlee is situated in a rough and poor section of High Craigg. The signs of poverty are obvious. The Shrine itself appears to be built from wood harvested from old ships, and is mismatched and weather beaten. Little more than a two story ramshackle house, it bears no obvious signs of being a house of worship. Above the door, is a beaten and tarnished plaque which reads:

The sea cares not for your troubles or ills.

Inside, the shrine is a single room with a rough stair leading to the back. The room is painted dark blue and is dimly lit by hundreds of flickering candles. On the back wall the two crashing waves of Umberlee is painted bright and bold. Before the mural is a silver idol upon a coral pedestal. The idol depicts a lean almost feral woman, trident in one hand stabbing it through a ship. The force of the thrust splitting the ship in two. The broken ship and curve of the woman body appear almost in motion, as though the two figures mirror Umberlee’s symbol upon the wall.

The Shrine has been tended by Janus Mistborn for 20 years, during which time Umberlee has fallen out of favor within High Craigg and the Barony, in no small part due to Janus’ stormy temperament.

Shrine of Umberlee

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