The Camp


The Camp lies half a day’s easy walk north on the Highroad. Before the Razing of Windcliff the camp was the primary trading location between the humans of the Barony of Ghent and the wood elves of The Woodland Home. During this time the camp was a festive and lively location, a rare merging of two cultures for mutual gain.

After the Razing of Windcliff most of the wood elves left The Camp. Only those few who had made lasting ties with the humans of Windcliff remained. Now the camp is a distant shadow of itself. The wood elf inhabitants are forbidden from returning to their ancestral home for fear of its discovery. As the human friends and loved ones they stayed behind to remain with have been lost with the passing of time, the elves have grown forlorn and even bitter to what they have lost. This sense of loss hangs over The Camp and its inhabitants, an ever present melancholy which affects all who live or visit there.

What little joy which is to be found is in the relatively large population of half elves. Those wood elves who were fortunate enough to have children with the humans still enjoy the life and purpose their progeny bring. However, the long-lived elves cannot help but worry upon the day when even their children will pass and they will be left truly alone.

The Camp

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