The Underdark


The Underdark is the vast network of underground caverns and tunnels underneath the surface of Faerûn. It is home to a host of evil beings driven deep into the caverns at the end of the age of demons.

The Underdark is not one giant cavern under Faerûn, but rather, many huge networks of caverns and caves. As a result, it is not always possible to travel from one end of the Underdark to the other. The Underdark is divided into several domains that are similar to continents of the world above. While it is possible to travel from one place to another within a domain, separate domains tend to have very few passages linking them.

The Underdark’s underground landscape varies from small subterranean fissures almost impossible for adventurers to crawl through, to wide expanses of deep water that hide coral caves, hollowed out sections of ice in which creatures live, and places where fungus, bones, or even pure force form “caves.”


The Underdark is extremely dangerous, especially to those not native to it. There are the usual dangers associated with caverns: claustrophobia, occasional poor air circulation, and getting lost. There is no light except for occasional patches of fluorescent fungi; most Underdark inhabitants either have highly developed senses other than sight or have developed darkvision. Food can be extremely difficult to find, and much of the natural vegetation is poisonous.

In addition to those dangers, the Underdark is also the home of many predators and often-hostile races.

The Underdark

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