Return to Windcliff

Adrift Upon The Darklake

As the carnage wrought upon Sloobludop by Demogorgon faded into the distance our heroes found themselves adrift upon the Darklake. With Shuushar devoured by the demon lord, and having secured no method of navigation, our heroes struggled to determine a course of action.

Amid the silent stillness of of the lake, Athame’s keen ears heard a subtle lapping of water against a distant shore. As they swung their boats around to make for this unseen spot of land, the drow pursuit lead by Ilvara Mizzrym was sighted in the distance.

With haste, our heroes made for land, only to discover it was little more than a rock with a narrow and broken land-bridge fading into the darkness. Making for the bridge, our heroes found themselves cut off by giant spiders. Fearsome battle ensued. Our heroes, obviously still reeling from the shock of Demogorgon’s rise, fought as though stupefied by the passage of time. Nonetheless, our heroes prevailed and made good their escape, concealed by thick fog conjured by Athame and Donarr.

Continuing along a successive series of land bridges, the sounds of the drow pursuit drew ever nearer, until our heroes chanced upon a crumbling ruin of some ancient keep. Entering the ruins, the worn and weakened stone beneath them gave way and our heroes plummeted to unknown darkness below. Above, the cave-in continued, entombing our heroes beneath the earth.



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