Population: 500 kuo-toa
Government: The archpriest Ploopploopeen once ruled in the name of the Sea Mother. He was challenged and displaced by his daughter Bloppblippodd, archpriest of Leemooggoogoon the Deep Father. Now it is assumed that Demogorgon has eaten them all….

Sloobludop is a kuo-toa village on the eastern edge of the Darklake. From a distance, it looks like a massive tangle of reeds stretching up into the darkness, lit by glowing spots of phosphorescence. Upon closer approach, a series of rickety towers can be seen, lashed together by rope and plank bridges set in haphazard patterns. Even above ground, the kuo-toa build in line with their three-dimensional aquatic sensibilities, constructing their “great city” as if it were under water.

Sloobludop was attacked and destroyed by demogorgon when the demon lord broke free of the abyss to terrorize the Underdark.



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